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The Long and Short of It Jimmy's journal

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Well, bless my little paws, I seem to have got myself quite a following over the last few weeks. All I've done is let people know about how much I like making people smile when I go and meet them.

It was a big surprise how many newspapers and magazines were interested in me and what I love doing. It left my mouth open and tongue out almost to the floor when I saw myself in Italian Vogue magazine in the same pages as people you might have heard of like Meghan Markle and the Kardashians. I've also seen my picture in the Times, The Guardian, The Mail and The Star and turned up on news websites from places I've never been to like Turkey, South Africa, France and Morocco.

To show you that my new found popularity hasn't changed me, here is a picture of me at my latest meet and greet, as a guest of honour at the opening of the Nottingham Young Creatives Club. I'm with Rob Green, who I'm told is soon to be a huge star musician and singer.

Apparently, to gain even more fans, I've been told I have to care about following even more commands from my human advisers. Only to please them you understand, I have been doing my famous meercat impression, when requested, in order to gain myself some scrumptious cheese. You can see me doing it here, if that kind of thing gets your muzzle quivering. A little undignified but worth it for all the cheese.

That's all for now, I'm apparently needed to model my new lead and matching bow tie. It really is a hard life isn't it. A massive tail wag for all my new friends including Frankie Sausage Laine and the Sausage of Mystery .

Jimmy C xxx

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