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The first Jimmy C clothing range is here...

Today I am proud to launch my first ever range of clothes, so all you Dachshunds out there can put your paw up and wave goodbye to all those ill-fitting outfits designed for my less slender or short of leg canine friends.

Not that we Dachshunds need to wear clothes all the time, but for a special occasion or to attract some attention it is always good to look your best. When I'm doing my work on wellbeing visits, I know when I am well turned out, more people come over and give me a stroke or a pat.

I am very excited to tell you, that the outfits I am putting my Jimmy C name to are made locally in Nottinghamshire and using sustainably sourced materials. It was a lot of fun to model my new clothes, that were also showed off to great affect by @cheddarandchester, @thesausage

adventures and @Dollydoodoo1 who all spent a day with me, posing for the camera.

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