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Jimmy Chipolata is not your average Dachshund - he's a dog of many talents, bursting with charisma.  Mr Chipolata is a registered Pet Therapist, whose favourite pastime is hanging out with people and making them feel happy.  He's available for appearances for wellbeing sessions and mental health events.  Jimmy loves the limelight and hot on the tail of his media and modelling career (Vogue, Italy) he has now launched his own Jimmy C clothing range, so other Dachshunds can look great too.

All About Me... 
The Long and Short of it

From a rough start in life I was re-homed, landing in the Easter household at the age of three.  I learned the value of walking, even getting over my stubborn refusal to walk in the rain.  My housemate is Big John the giant ginger cat who is bigger and butcher than me. We have developed a mutual respect for each other involving lots of sniffing and occasionally affection.  I greet everyone enthusiastically whether I just saw them a few minutes ago or whether I am meeting them for the first time and this really helps me in my job as a therapy dog. 
My best trick for getting attention is to do my meercat impression, sitting upright for up to three minutes.  This has gained me many fans and an enormous amount of treats.  My favourite treat is cheese, I'm not fussy what type and am anyones' who scratches me in the right place just under my chin.

Sausage dog meerkating

@jimmychipolata on Instagram

@jimmyc.ntu on Twitter

Luxury Dachshund clothing
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