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Dachshund Size Guide

Dogs come in many shapes and sizes and can vary widely, even within the dachshund breed.  We have devised a simple way to navigate around our sizing.  We recommend that prior to purchasing collars and clothing from Jimmy C (even for gifts for a friend or loved one) that you obtain the correct measurements as shown below:

How to measure your dachshund

Step 1

Locate your dachshund - probably under a blanket somewhere.

Step 2

Using a soft tape measure, measure the length from point A at the base of their neck to point B at the base of the tail.

Step 3

Measure the chest from point A to C all the way round.

Step 4

Measure the waist all the way around at point D. 

Step 5

Finally measure the collar size at point E.  For a nice comfortable fit please ensure that the tape is not too tight whilst measuring.

Dachshund dog size chart

Jimmy C Jackets and Jumpers  Guide

dog collar size chart
Collars for dachshunds

Jimmy C Collar Guide

Our collar sizes are based on two measurements – (please see diagram) the smallest fitting (1 to 2) and the largest fitting (1 to 3). We suggest that you choose a collar where the neck size of your dog is between one of  these two measurements.

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