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Jimmy C Clothing - your search for the perfect sausage dog fit is over...

I'm sure that you will agree that Dachshunds are officially the 'Best dogs in the world' - loving, loyal and brimming with quirky character and personality.  

However, there is one minor drawback - due to their unique body shape that we love, they are really hard to find good fitting jackets, coats and jumpers for.

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This issue has inspired me to take control of the situation and design my own range specially for dapper dachshunds so they can look as good as Jimmy Chipolata.


Jimmy and other dachshunds have such broad chests, short legs and long bodies that your average dog jacket or jumper will not fit well.  They sit too low on the chest, often rub against their little legs and don't cover their whole back.  You can guarantee that a shared complaint from all dachshunds is that they don't like being cold or wet!

I hope you find the perfect sausage dog fit in my first dachshund clothing range - Shop Now

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